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Delaware Best Food and Drink Festivals 

Food Festivals, Wine Festivals, Spirit and Beer Festivals listed under cities also include surrounding areas that host signature events.




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Best food and drink festivals in Wilmington Delaware

A Festival Tour Through Delaware: Sampling of the Best Food and Drink Events 

Though compact in size, Delaware stands tall in the realm of gastronomic pleasures. For those with an appreciation for the finer things in food, wine, and beer, this Mid-Atlantic jewel offers a variety of festivals to attend and enjoy.

Downtown Newark Food and Brew Fest:


Get ready to enjoy the lively atmosphere of Newark's downtown district at this bustling festival. Relish culinary delights from diverse food trucks, complemented by craft beers from local breweries, all while dancing to the rhythm of live music. It's the ideal way to soak in the culinary and cultural pulse of the city.


Middleton Olde Tyme Peach Festival:


Immerse yourself in the succulent essence of Delaware during this vibrant summer celebration. Sink your teeth into fresh peaches, savor peach-infused cocktails, and delight in live music and crafts, all set against the charming backdrop of the historic town of Middletown.

Delaware Beer, Wine & Spirits Festival:


Toast to the state's thriving craft beverage scene at this expansive festival in Dover featuring over 200 exhibitors. From local breweries and wineries to distilleries showcasing their finest creations, mingle with fellow enthusiasts, indulge in gourmet bites, and discover a new favorite Delaware brew.


Historic Odessa Brewfest:


A beer lovers haven unfolds at this enchanting festival nestled in the quaint village of Odessa. Wander through tree-lined streets adorned with colonial-era buildings, sample craft beers from regional breweries, and relish live music and artisans displaying their crafts. It's a delightful fusion of history and hops!

Whether you're an experienced enthusiast or a newcomer with a sense of curiosity, Delaware's festivals dedicated to food, wine, and beer cater to every taste.


So break away from the mundane, round up your friends, and prepare to indulge in a delectable journey through the charms of the First State.

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