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Chicago Illinois Best Food and Drink Festivals 

Chicago Food Festivals, Wine, Spirit and Beer Festivals listed under cities also include surrounding areas that host signature events.


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Best food and drink festivals in Chicago Illinois

Chicago Comes to Life: Take a Tour Through an Array of Food, Wine, Spirits, and Beer Festivals in the Windy City

Explore Chicago's flavorful delights by joining in on the best food, wine, spirits and beer festivals happening throughout the year. You'll get to taste delicious dishes from famous chefs, enjoy fine wines, and try out locally crafted beers and spirits. It's a fantastic way to experience the city's vibrant food and beverage scene.

Chicago Spirits Festivals

Chicago boasts a thriving spirits scene that is celebrated annually through a series of lively spirits festivals. These events are a testament to the city's love for good drinks and great company that promise to tantalize your taste buds with everything from whisky and bourbon to tequila.

WhiskyFest Chicago:

What makes this festival stand out is its diverse selection of whisky brands, each with its unique story and character. From smoky Scotch to smooth American bourbons, there's a whiskey for every palate. You can savor your favorite single malt or broaden your horizons by sampling a rare Japanese whiskey. In the spirit of Chicago's hospitality, expect to meet passionate distillers and fellow whiskey enthusiasts who are eager to share their knowledge.

Will County Beer & Bourbon Fest:

A highly anticipated annual event that celebrates the rich and diverse world of craft beverages. Just outside of the city in Will County, Illinois, this festival brings together beer and bourbon enthusiasts from all around to enjoy a day of sampling and savoring some of the finest bourbon, whiskey and brews available. 

Chicago Margarita Festival:


Each year at Navy Pier, over 50 vendors bring their unique margaritas for you to enjoy. This festival is more than just drinks, there's live music, delicious food trucks, and interactive games add to the excitement. You can savor unlimited margarita tastings, delve into the fascinating history of tequila, and don't forget to take home a souvenir margarita glass!

Best food festivals in Chicago Illinois

Chicago Food Festivals

Chicago is a city known for its rich history, iconic architecture, and deep dish pizza. But there's one aspect of this Windy City that often takes the spotlight, its incredible food and drink festivals. The city boasts a vibrant culinary landscape, and one of the best ways to experience it is by attending the numerous festivals held throughout the year. 

Chicago Pizza City Fest:


This Pizza Fest, is a fantastic two-day celebration that gathers 40 of the best pizza makers from the region. Indulge in delicious pizza samples from all the participating vendors, groove to live music, savor beer and wine tastings, and dive into informative seminars on the art of pizza making. It's a pizza lover's paradise.


Ribfest Chicago: 


This is a festival for any fan of finger-licking, saucy, and smoky BBQ. Held in the North Center neighborhood, Ribfest is a beloved annual event that brings together some of the finest barbecue vendors from across the country.


In 3 days they will have cooked 50,000 pounds of food to enjoy with live music, arts, and crafts. It's a laid-back, family-friendly festival that perfectly encapsulates the Midwest's love for great BBQ.


Taste of Chicago:

rguably the crown jewel of food festivals in the city, and it's easy to see why. This annual summer extravaganza has been a Chicago tradition since 1980, drawing locals and visitors alike to Grant Park for a weeklong celebration of the city's gastronomic diversity. The festival is a smorgasbord of delectable delights, featuring an array of food vendors representing various cuisines from all over the world.

Chicago Beer Festivals

Chicago is not just famous for its stunning skyline, it's also a paradise for beer enthusiasts. With a flourishing craft beer scene, the city plays host to a multitude of beer festivals throughout the year. These events offer locals and visitors the perfect opportunity to sample a diverse array of brews.

Chicago Craft Beer Festival:

This festival is an annual celebration of the Windy City's vibrant craft beer scene. This event, eagerly anticipated by beer enthusiasts, showcases the creativity and artistry of local and regional breweries. With a backdrop of Chicago's iconic skyline, attendees can explore a diverse array of craft brews, ranging from hoppy IPAs to rich stouts and everything in between.

Chicago Beer Festival:

Raise a pint to this exciting celebration of all things beer, and it's a must-visit event for beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. This festival offers a fantastic opportunity to sample a wide array of craft beers from local breweries and a great way to spend a day with friends or family.

Chicago Wine Festivals

Chicago's bustling metropolis has another side to it that's equally enticing for wine lovers, it's wine festivals. Chicago is home to a thriving wine festival scene that's a treat for both seasoned oenophiles and those just looking for a delightful way to spend an afternoon.

Chicago Uncorked Wine Festival:


This annual wine celebration of the finest wines from around the world is set against the backdrop of the vibrant Windy City. This festival is a wine lover's dream, showcasing a diverse array of reds, whites, and sparkling wines, each carefully selected to tantalize the taste buds of connoisseurs and novices alike.


Lincoln Park Wine Fest:

If you're in the mood for a more intimate wine experience, this the ideal choice. This boutique wine festival takes place in one of Chicago's most charming neighborhoods and is known for its sophisticated ambiance and refined selection of wines.

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