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Indiana Best Food and Drink Festivals

Food Festivals, Wine Festivals, Spirit and Beer Festivals listed under cities also include surrounding areas that host signature events.



 Fort Wayne 

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Best food and drink festivals in Indiana

Hoosier Hospitality: Exploring Indiana's Top Food, Wine, Spirits and Beer Festivals

Indiana, often underestimated as a destination for food enthusiasts, showcases a dynamic food and beverage scene with a diverse range of festivals celebrating the state's rich agricultural legacy and brewing excellence.


From sampling exceptional wines to relishing the renowned Frankfort Hot Dog, Indiana's festivals cater to every palate.

Indianapolis Whiskey Riot:


A must-attend for whiskey enthusiasts, the Indianapolis Whiskey Riot is a lively festival showcasing a wide selection of whiskeys, including bourbons, ryes, scotches, and Irish whiskeys. Engage with distillers, learn about whiskey-making techniques, and broaden your whiskey palate.

Indiana Brewers Cup:


Enhance your beer-tasting adventure at the Indiana Brewers Cup, a competition highlighting the finest craft beers from Indiana's brewing scene. Sample an extensive array of styles, from refreshing lagers to bold IPAs, and cast your vote for favorites in categories like Best IPA, Best Stout, and Best Overall Beer.

Brewed in the Fort Beer Festival:


History and beer come together at the Brewed in the Fort Beer Festival, hosted at the historic Fort Wayne Allen County Courthouse. Sample a variety of craft beers from Indiana and neighboring states, enjoy live music, and explore the historical grounds of the fort.


Frankfort Hot Dog Festival:


Embrace Indiana's passion for hot dogs at the Frankfort Hot Dog Festival, a celebration of the iconic Frankfort-style hot dog. Delight in an array of hot dog creations, from classic chili dogs to those with gourmet toppings, and witness the annual Frankfort Hot Dog Eating Contest.

USA Today Wine and Food Experience:


Immerse yourself in a world of diverse flavors at the USA Today Wine and Food Experience, a premier annual event in Indianapolis. Enjoy tastings of exquisite wines from around the world, relish delectable dishes crafted by renowned chefs, and witness live cooking demonstrations by industry experts.

Whether you're a wine enthusiast, a beer connoisseur, or simply love hot dogs, Indiana's food and beverage festivals provide a delightful journey into the state's culinary treasures.


Experience the warmth of Hoosier hospitality and savor the diverse flavors that make Indiana a hidden gem in the Midwest.

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