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Kansas Best Food and Drink Festivals 

Food Festivals, Wine Festivals, Spirit and Beer Festivals listed under cities also include surrounding areas that host signature events.

Kansas City



Best food and drink festivals in Kansas

A Flavorful Expedition: Explore Kansas' Top Food, Wine, Spirits and Beer Festivals

Kansas, known for its vast plains and warm hospitality, has a rich variety of festivals that celebrate some great food, wine, spirits, and beer events. Let's embark on a flavorful journey across the cities of Kansas City, Topeka, and Wichita, exploring the best festivals that showcase the state's offerings.

Kansas Food Festivals:

Wichita Taco Fest (Wichita - June):

The lively extravaganza of Taco Fest is dedicated to the delightful trio of tacos, margaritas, and tequila, all accompanied by the rhythmic beats of live music. As the grandest taco festival in Wichita and its neighboring regions, it showcases not only an array of delectable food and refreshing drinks but also live musical performances, spirited dancing, and the thrilling spectacle of Lucha Libre wrestling.

KC Foodie Fest (Kansas City - October):
This festival is a feast for the senses, bringing together the best of Kansas City's culinary scene. From mouthwatering barbecue to delectable street food, KC Foodie Fest is a celebration of flavors that showcases the city's vibrant food culture.
Kansas Wine Festivals:

Topeka Zoo Roar & Pour wine Festival (Topeka - April):
This exciting wine festival takes place at the Topeka Zoo, serving as a fundraising initiative for conservation projects while also backing educational programs and enhancing exhibits. Attendees can savor a diverse selection of wines from nearby wineries, complemented by delightful food and entertainment.
Midwest WineFest (Wichita - April):
The annual Midwest Winefest, taking place over three days in Wichita, Kansas, is a vibrant celebration of wine and a fundraising initiative for the Guadalupe Clinic. The festival's centerpiece is the Grand Tasting, the main event where participants have the opportunity to savor wines from more than 100 wineries spanning the globe.

Best food and beer festivals in Kansas City Kansas

Kansas Beer Festivals:


Kansas Craft Beer Expo (Topeka - March):

For beer aficionados, the Kansas Craft Beer Expo is a haven of hoppy delights. Featuring craft breweries from across the state, this festival offers a chance to sample unique brews and appreciate the artistry behind each beer. 


KC Brew at the Zoo (Kansas City - October):

This beer festival stands as a yearly fundraising affair organized by the Friends of Sunset Zoo in Kansas City. This event showcases a diverse array of local breweries, wineries, and food trucks. Attendees are treated to live musical performances, the opportunity to sample an extensive selection of beverages, and the chance to wander through the captivating exhibits of the zoo.


These festivals in Kansas offer a delightful immersion into the culinary delights of the state. Whether you're a foodie, wine enthusiast, beer connoisseur, or whiskey lover, these events provide a perfect opportunity to savor the diverse flavors that make Kansas a hidden gem in the world of gastronomy.

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