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Kentucky Best Food and Drink Festivals 

Food Festivals, Wine Festivals, Spirit and Beer Festivals listed under cities also include surrounding areas that host signature events.


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Bowling Green

Best food and drink festivals in Kentucky

A Food and Beverage Odyssey: Kentucky's Premier Festivals Celebrating Food, Wine, Spirits, and Beer

Kentucky, a state known for its rich cultural heritage, horse racing, and, of course, bourbon, is also a haven for food and drink enthusiasts. If you're a connoisseur or simply someone who loves to savor delicious bites and sips, Kentucky has some incredible festivals that should be on your radar. Let's explore two noteworthy events in each category – food, wine, beer, and whiskey – in the vibrant cities of Louisville and Lexington.

Kentucky Whiskey Festivals: ​

The Kentucky Bourbon Festival:

While not directly in Louisville, the Kentucky Bourbon Festival in Bardstown is a must-visit for any whiskey enthusiast. Recognized as one of the premier bourbon festivals globally, it offers tastings, distillery tours, and the chance to immerse yourself in the heritage of Kentucky's signature spirit. 

Bourbon on the Banks Festival:

This festival in Frankfort, between Louisville and Lexington, is nestled along the scenic Kentucky River. The Bourbon on the Banks celebrates the state's bourbon legacy with a waterfront whiskey experience. Enjoy tastings from renowned distilleries, live music, and the picturesque backdrop of historic Frankfort.

Kentucky Beer Festivals: 

Louisville Tailspin Ale Fest:

For beer aficionados, Tailspin Ale Fest is a haven of craft brews and aviation history. Held in a WWII-era airplane hangar, this festival features a diverse selection of local and international beers. With live music and a festive atmosphere, it's a perfect blend of hops, history, and fun. 

Summer Beer Fest at Frazier:

This week-long celebration is a hophead's dream come true. Lexington Craft Beer Week showcases the city's thriving craft beer scene, with events ranging from tastings and brewery tours to beer-pairing dinners. It's a fantastic opportunity to explore the creativity and craftsmanship of local brewers.

Best food and beer festivals in Louisville Kentucky

Kentucky Food Festivals: 

Lexington Crave Food & Music Festival:


Experience the grand celebration of culinary delights and live music, set in the heart of charming Lexington, Kentucky. Indulge in a feast from more than 40 diverse restaurants, talented chefs, and enticing food trucks. Savor craft beer and cocktails, enjoy family-friendly activities, marvel at a captivating car show, and groove to the tunes of 10 outstanding musical acts over the course of two unforgettable days.


Louisville WorldFest:


This multicultural extravaganza celebrates diversity through a delectable array of international cuisines. From tantalizing street food to exotic delicacies, WorldFest offers a culinary journey around the globe. The festival, held annually in downtown Louisville, is a melting pot of flavors that showcases the city's vibrant international community. 


Kentucky Wine Festivals:

Nicholasville Wine & Vine Festival:


Embrace the beauty of Kentucky's wine country right in the heart of Nicholasville. This festival brings together winemakers and enthusiasts for a weekend of tastings, vineyard tours, and live music. Sample a variety of locally-produced wines while soaking in the picturesque surroundings. Louisville


USA Today Wine & Food Festival:


The annual Louisville USA Today Wine & Food Festival is a vibrant celebration of the city's culinary excellence. Showcasing the artistry of renowned local chefs, emerging talents, and industry leaders, the event offers a delectable fusion of exquisite dishes paired with top-tier wines, beers, and spirits curated by skilled mixologists and sommeliers.

In the heart of Kentucky, these festivals not only tantalize the taste buds but also celebrate the diverse and rich culinary landscape of the region.


Whether you're a foodie, a wine enthusiast, a beer lover, or a whiskey connoisseur, these events promise an unforgettable journey through the flavors of the Bluegrass State. 

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