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Mississippi Best Food and Drink Festivals 

Food Festivals, Wine Festivals, Spirit and Beer Festivals listed under cities also include surrounding areas that host signature events.


Gulfport / Biloxi


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Best food and drink festivals in Jackson Mississippi

A Culinary Expedition Across Mississippi: Revealing the Finest Food, Wine, and Beer Celebrations

Mississippi, renowned as the birthplace of the blues, extends its allure beyond music enthusiasts to welcome food, wine, and beer connoisseurs.


From the enticing scents wafting through Jackson's culinary hub to the invigorating brews along the Gulf Coast, Mississippi hosts a diverse array of festivals that enthrall taste buds and proudly display the states culinary legacy.

Taste of Oxford:


Delight in the culinary offerings of Oxford, a quaint college town celebrated for its vibrant arts and culture scene. The Taste of Oxford showcases the town's diverse culinary landscape, with participating restaurants offering samples of their signature dishes. From Southern comfort food to international cuisine, this culinary extravaganza caters to every palate.

JXN Food and Wine Festival:


Embark on a gastronomic journey at the annual JXN Food and Wine Festival in the heart of Jackson. This lively festival unites the city's top chefs, wineries, and breweries, presenting a delightful array of dishes, wines, and craft beers. Relish mouthwatering creations like slow-smoked barbecue, fresh seafood, and decadent desserts, all while sipping award-winning wines and savoring the nuances of locally brewed beers.

Gulf Coast Beer and Bacon Festival:


Venture to the sunny shores of Gulfport for the Gulf Coast Beer and Bacon Festival, a unique epicurean experience merging two irresistible indulgences: beer and bacon. This lively festival boasts a wide selection of craft beers from Mississippi and beyond, paired with an assortment of bacon-infused dishes, ranging from savory bacon-wrapped shrimp to sweet and smoky bacon-infused desserts.

Sante South Wine Festival:


Discover the enchanting town of Vicksburg during the Sante South Wine Festival, a celebration of Southern wines and culinary excellence. Wander through the festival grounds, sampling wines from Mississippi and neighboring states, accompanied by live music and delightful bites from local food vendors.

Gulfport Gumbo Fest:


Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the Gulf Coast at the Gulfport Gumbo Fest, a tribute to the iconic Louisiana dish. Stroll through the festival grounds, savoring the diverse flavors of gumbo, from traditional seafood gumbo to bold vegetarian creations. Enjoy live music, dance performances, and an array of family-friendly activities, making it an ideal outing for the entire family.

These festivals offer a glimpse into Mississippi's rich culinary tapestry, blending flavors, entertainment, and cultural immersion.


Whether you're a seasoned epicurean or simply eager to sample the state's culinary treasures, Mississippi's festivals are bound to tantalize your taste buds and create enduring memories.

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