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Missouri Best Food and Drink Festivals 

Food Festivals, Wine Festivals, Spirit and Beer Festivals listed under cities also include surrounding areas that host signature events.

Kansas City

Amer Roy

St. Louis


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Best food and drink festivals in Saint Louis Missouri

A Flavorful Journey: Missouri's Top Festivals for Food, Wine, Spirits, and Beer

Missouri, with its diverse culinary scene and rich brewing and distilling traditions, is a haven for festival enthusiasts seeking a taste of the good life. From the bustling streets of Kansas City to the iconic Gateway City of St. Louis and the charming town of Springfield. 


The Show-Me State hosts an array of festivals that celebrate the finest in food, wine, spirits, and beer. Let's take a flavorful journey through some of the best festivals these cities have to offer.


Missouri Beer Festivals:


St Louis Micro Fest:


The Saint Louis Microfest, happening in Forest Park, is a beer tasting festival offering over 100 international and craft beers. This event, which benefits Lift For Life Gym, will feature two session times in one day and also includes live music and food vendors

Ozarks BeerFest:


Experience the essence of craft beer and local culture at the core of Springfield, Missouri. This yearly festivity highlights more than 200 craft breweries hailing from the surrounding region, presenting an extensive array of beers ranging from timeless lagers and ales to inventive sours and IPAs. Beyond the diverse beer selection, attendees can enjoy delectable food, live music, engaging games, and entertaining contests.


Missouri Spirits Festivals:

St. Louis Bourbon and Brews Festival:


This annual extravaganza dedicated to the appreciation of bourbon and beer. Located in Cottleville, Missouri, this lively event showcases an extensive selection of bourbons, whiskeys, and craft beers sourced globally. Beyond the beverages, attendees can enjoy live music and indulge in delectable offerings from the food trucks onsite.

Kansas City Whiskey Expo:


The yearly Kansas City Whiskey Expo is a vibrant celebration dedicated to everything whiskey. Showcasing an extensive selection of whiskies sourced from local, national, and global distilleries, the event offers educational seminars and tastings. Participants can indulge in live music, delectable cuisine, and gaming in the upscale setting of Harrah's Kansas City Casino and Hotel.

Best food and drink festivals in Missouri

Missouri Food Festivals:

Kansas City Foodie Fest:


Nestled in the heart of the barbecue capital, the Kansas City Foodie Fest is a carnivore's dream come true. This festival showcases the city's renowned barbecue but also features a medley of international cuisines, reflecting the diverse food scene that Kansas City has to offer. From smoky ribs to exotic flavors, this festival is a feast for the senses.

St. Louis Street Food Festival:


St. Louis takes its food seriously, and this festival is a testament to that. This festival transforms the streets into a culinary wonderland, where food trucks and local vendors dish out a variety of delectable treats. From gourmet sandwiches to sweet indulgences, the Street Food Festival is a melting pot of flavors that caters to every palate.

Missouri Wine Festivals:

St. Louis Food & Wine Festival:


The St. Louis Wine Festival is a celebration of the grape that captures the essence of the city's vibrant wine culture. From crisp whites to robust reds, this event features a diverse selection of wines. Visitors can enjoy tastings, food pairings, and expert talks, making it an educational and enjoyable experience for all wine lovers.

Uncorked Kansas City Wine Festival:


Uncork the magic at this signature event, a wine lover's paradise. This festival brings together winemakers from across the region, offering a chance to savor the finest vintages. With live music and an enchanting ambiance, this event is a perfect blend of sophistication and fun for wine enthusiasts.

In the heart of America, these festivals in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Springfield embody the spirit of culinary exploration.


Whether you're a foodie, a wine enthusiast, a beer lover, or a spirits connoisseur, Missouri's festivals offer a tantalizing journey through the flavors that make this state a true epicurean delight.

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