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North Carolina Best Food and Drink Festivals 

Food Festivals, Wine Festivals, Spirit and Beer Festivals listed under cities also include surrounding areas that host signature events.


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Best food and drink festivals in North Carolina

Explore the Flavors of North Carolina: A Guide to the Best Food, Wine, Spirits, and Beer Festivals

North Carolina is a state known for its rich culinary traditions, beautiful landscapes, and a burgeoning craft beverage scene. Throughout the year, the Tar Heel State hosts a variety of festivals celebrating food, wine, spirits, and beer.
If you're a connoisseur of these delectable delights, you're in for a treat. In this article, we'll take you on a tour of some of the best festivals across North Carolina, with a focus on Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro.

Charlotte: Where Food and Drink Takes Center Stage

Charlotte, North Carolina, is a vibrant city that knows how to appreciate good food. Here are two festivals that prove it:

Carolina BBQ Festival:

The Carolina BBQ Festival in Charlotte epitomizes the essence of barbecue culture, bringing together skilled pitmasters from both the Carolinas and beyond to showcase their craft. Spanning across two exciting days, this festival presents attendees with the opportunity to indulge in mouthwatering BBQ delights, savor live musical performances, and contribute to a meaningful cause.

Charlotte Wine & Food Weekend:

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, this event is a must. Featuring exquisite wine tastings, gourmet dinners, and interactive culinary experiences, the Charlotte Wine & Food Weekend is the epitome of epicurean delight.
This event serves as a platform for raising funds for local and national charities while fostering a sense of togetherness within the barbecue community and celebrating the cherished tradition of whole hog BBQ.
Best food and beer festivals in Charlotte North Carolina

Raleigh: A Haven for Food, Wine and Spirits Aficionados.


The capital city of North Carolina, Raleigh, offers an array of festivals that cater to wine and spirits enthusiasts. 


Triangle Wine & Food Experience:


This festival is a paradise for oenophiles. With wine dinners, auctions, and tastings, you'll have the opportunity to explore the world of wine. Plus, it's all for a good cause, with proceeds benefiting the Frankie Lemmon School and Developmental Center. 


Roanoke NC Bourbon & Spirits Festival:


If you have a passion for spirits, take a short trip to Roanoke. You will be introduce to North Carolina's burgeoning craft distillery scene. Sample a wide array of locally crafted spirits, cocktails, and engage with the talented distillers who create them.


Greensboro: Beer and Food Enthusiast's Paradise


Greensboro might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of beer festivals, but it's an emerging hub for craft beer lovers.


Greensboro Food Truck Festival:


This event is a fantastic marriage of street food and craft beer. Enjoy delicious dishes from local food trucks while sipping on a variety of craft brews. It's a perfect opportunity to explore both food and beer in a casual, outdoor setting.


Pigstock BBQ & Blues Festival:


The Pigstock Festival is a day-long celebration that combines the irresistible charm of a family-friendly BBQ Competition with the toe-tapping melodies of a Bluegrass festival, all while raising funds for a worthy cause. We affectionately refer to it as "BBQ, Beer & Bluegrass," but it offers an enriching experience beyond those elements. 

North Carolina truly has something for everyone when it comes to celebrating the finer things in life. Whether you're a foodie, a wine connoisseur, a spirits enthusiast, or a beer lover, there's a festival waiting for you.


So, mark your calendars, and get ready to savor the flavors of North Carolina at these fantastic events.

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