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North Dakota Best Food and Drink Festivals 

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best food and drink festivals in north dakota

North Dakota: A Food and Drink Fest Celebration in the Heartland

When it comes to culinary escapades, North Dakota might not be the initial destination that springs to mind. However, beneath its unpretentious plains and enchanting small towns lies a food and drink festival haven that is orchestrating a symphony of delectable events, guaranteed to enchant your taste buds and leave you yearning for more.

Bismarck's Pizza & Brew Fest:


Brace yourself for a symphony of cheese and hops. This vibrant event in Bismarck unites local pizzerias and craft breweries for an evening of tantalizing delights and effervescent libations.


Indulge in a variety of pizza creations, ranging from gourmet toppings to beloved classics, all expertly paired with the finest brews from North Dakota. Don't overlook the chance to cast your vote for the ultimate pizza and beer champion.

Happy Harry's Pork & Brew Festival:


Bid farewell to dainty finger foods; this extravaganza in Grand Forks is an ode to the celebration of pork in all its splendor. From bacon-infused delicacies to flawlessly prepared pulled pork, your taste buds are in for a jubilant experience.


And to complement these savory treats? Immerse yourself in a selection of over 100 craft beers from regional breweries, each vying to be the perfect porcine accompaniment. Be sure not to pass up on the legendary bacon eating contest – that is, if you have the stomach for it.

Brew at the Zoo:


Who says animals can't partake in the revelry? This festival seamlessly blends craft brews with our furry friends. Wander through the zoo's picturesque grounds, savoring local lagers and IPAs from North Dakota's premier brewers. Engage with fellow enthusiasts of both animals and beer, all while contributing to the zoo's conservation endeavors. It's a heartwarming form of entertainment with a hoppy twist.

So, break free from the ordinary and embark on a flavorsome journey through North Dakota's concealed culinary treasures.


Whether it's indulging in cheesy slices, or sipping brews at the zoo, these festivals promise an extraordinary fusion of flavors and enjoyment, leaving you with a contented stomach and a heart brimming with Midwestern cheer.

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