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Rhode Island Best Food and Drink Festivals 

Food Festivals, Wine Festivals, Spirit and Beer Festivals listed under cities also include surrounding areas that host signature events.




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Best food and drink festivals in Rhode Island

Rhode Island: A Culinary Journey Across the Coastline

Embark on a food and brew odyssey along the picturesque coastline of Rhode Island, where the finest seafood converges with top-notch beers and wines. Whether amidst lively seafood festivals or intimate brewery gatherings, brace yourself for a culinary adventure that promises to tantalize your taste buds.

Newport Beer Festival:

Toast to the state's flourishing craft beer scene at this dynamic festival. Experience a sampling extravaganza featuring over 150 craft beers from both local and regional breweries. Indulge in gourmet food pairings and soak in the vibrant ambiance at the historic Newport Yachting Center.

Charleston Seafood Festival:

Retreat to the charming seaside town of Charleston for an enchanting seafood extravaganza. Explore a diverse array of fresh seafood dishes, from steamed clams and grilled lobster to creamy clam chowder and crispy calamari. Live music, local artisans, and breathtaking ocean views add to the family-friendly charm of this festival.

Rhode Island Seafood Festival:

Immerse yourself in the essence of Rhode Island's seafood legacy at this annual waterfront celebration. Delight in a plethora of fresh seafood delicacies, from succulent lobsters and juicy clams to mouthwatering chowder and delectable fried treats. Live music, craft demonstrations, and family-friendly activities await amidst the scenic backdrop of Scarborough State Beach.

In summary, Rhode Island's food, wine, and beer festivals present an enticing journey along its captivating coastline. From sumptuous seafood feasts to convivial craft beer gatherings, each festival ensures an indelible culinary experience. Gather your friends and family, and set forth on a delectable expedition through the Ocean State!
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